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Laser Hair Removal At Home

Can I do Laser Hair Removal At Home?

Laser Hair Removal At Home, Tria 4X

Your story might sound like mine.  I was taught by my dear mother that if you have those pesky, embarrassing hairs dark hairs in places you’d rather not share, there are two options.  Tweeze, or shell out for electrolysis.

So from girlhood, my tweezers and I have been going really steady.

Fastforward 20 years, and Laser Hair Removal gets popularized.  And is REALLY EXPENSIVE.  But I saved up, and saved up some more, and waited till the laser hair removal office that I trusted offered their yearly BOGO, and then I jumped!  And in large part I’ve been really pleased.  If I sum up the courage I may share a bit about my success with it in another post!

Suffice it to say, FINALLY I feel some increased comfort with my body…I’m no longer doing the frantic scour ‘n pluck of my body before intimate time anymore!  It was a huge relief.

And then, one day a few months later – some spotty dark hairs returned, and I wasn’t even tweezer-prepared!  I suddenly opted for candle light that evening, and though puzzled, my sweet man was none the wiser.

I then remembered my doctor’s warning that even with good laser hair removal, some hairs will still grow, and that there is a “maintenance plan” I could purchase to take care of that.  But my pocketbook wouldn’t hear of it.

While digging through my bathroom drawers for the tweezers…again, I recalled my friend Andrea who said she actually skipped the whole BOGO doctor visit, and opted to purchase the Tria 4X, the only FDA approved in-home laser hair removal system.  At the time Andrea shared about the Tria, I balked–perhaps wishing I had heard of this system somewhat earlier.  It should would have saved me hundreds of dollars.  That night, I got on the internet (much like you) and looked it up.

While at first skeptical, I was pleasantly surprised with the reviews I saw, and the full 3-month guarantee that Tria Beauty promises.  I took a closer look, and without another pluck, I finally clicked to order.

Laser Hair Removal At Home: How it Works

I had done some research on how to use my Tria 4X properly before it even came in the mail.  Here’s my summary of helpful pointers:

1) PREP.  Wash, shave, and dry.

2) SELECT.  Choose from the 5 energy levels.  Start low and work up.

3) ZAP.  Methodically cover chosen area.

Here’s a handy chart to let you know if Tria 4X is for you:

Laser Hair Removal at Home Chart


You can also check out directly to see their Instructions for Use and FAQs.

Why Tria’s Home Laser Hair Removal?

So I had a talk with my mom about 2 weeks into my new Tria life.  Proving that even un certaine age, one may learn new tricks, Mom humbly admitted to the hair removal method trifecta: Tweeze, electrolysis, and Tria…and that Tria by far takes the cake.

So, to flesh out my preference for this system a little further, let me show you some more things I like about the Tria 4X:

laser hair removal at home top

1) It’s super clear readout on the top.  It’ll show a lock when not in use, and unlocks automatically with the sensor, a pulse counter (shown: 26), telling you how many pulses it will deliver to optimally remove hair, a handy battery indicator, a skin sensor indicator (bottom), showing when ready for use, the green power button, and the zap-o-meter (my term), indicating the energy level (here 5 of 5).

laser hair removal at home sideshot

2) It’s a pleasure to hold.  Much like my philip’s buzzing toothbrush, it’s got this really gentle rubber handle feel on the front which makes me feel like I’m in control.  And finally I am, hair-wise!

Laser Hair Removal at Home Gel

3) I’m kind of cheap, and only used the SmoothStart Calming Gel the first time, but that’s probably when you need it the most anyway.  Most people get used to the slight stingy feel of the laser over time, and for this gel, a little goes a long way.

4) Speaking of cheap, for the amount of hair you can remove with the Tria 4X, you could spend $12,000 or more on in-office laser treatments for the same.  I’ve never been good at math, but spending $449 on the Tria 4X just once was the clear solution for me.

5) Their 90-Day Money Back Guarantee.  Not pleased within 3 months?  Send it back for your full refund.  That gave me a lot of confidence.

laser hair removal at home, tria 4x, tria guarantee

Tria 4X Laser Hair Removal Conclusion

I sure hope you’ve found my experience to be helpful, and would be happy to update this site with any insights you’d like to share, or questions you have before buying!  Just contact me at

Mothers out there: learn from my story, and share about the Tria when your little girl needs to hear it.

Check out the Tria 4X Right Here!  >>